Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gender Breaker

Floral top: Topshop | Bandage skirt: Bazaar | Bag: Parisian | Brogues: Parisian

I entitled this post " Gender Breaker" since I'm wearing all girly-girly from top to skirt and I paired it with this lovely pair of brown Brogues. I love the color combination of floral and neutral.

Today, I met up with a friend at the mall coz she asked me a favor to help her find a goddess-inspired dress for their party. So I'm a.k.a her "Stylist" haha! Im flattered that she came up to me to dress her up! We had a number of choices that suits her with designs like draping and sheers, one piece wonders and color blocking! Most of the dresses where from SM Philippine Fashion Week pieces. Im excited of the final look that my friend will wear.:)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ambassador's Cafe

Back to December

Blazer: Mom's closet | Animal print top: Thrifted | Leggings: July | Bag: Parisian

Its the first Sunday of Advent and just 3 days to go for the month of December. I've been controlling myself now on not to go berserk on clothes and shoes.HEHE. Besides, Christmas is just around the corner and I know a lot of sales and bazaars will happen. For my look, I dug through my mom's closet and found this cool red blazer. Glad that she kept it all these years! I paired it with an animal print top and leggings to compliment the red. What's the lesson for this look? " That there are treasures to be found on old and vintage clothing, you just have to be creative and stylish to get the look you want!" Thank God for Thrift stores/ Mom's closet.^_^


Monday, November 21, 2011

Laid back with a Twist.

Over-sized shirt: Forever21 | Pants: Promod | Turban: Forever21 | Shades: Police | Tiger print bag: Bazaar

Opted for a laid back look with an over-sized shirt and pants with ripped style. To make it not so simple, I added a tiger print headpiece which matched my tiger print bag. Its my take on an androgenous look with a touch of loud print. What do you think of this ensemble?:)


Friday, November 18, 2011

Florals over Colors.

Floral blazer: Thrifted  |  Mustard top: SM department store | Bandage skirt | Satchel bag: Closet chic | Jeffrey Campbell inspired platforms: PrimaDonna

This is what I wore during the Forever21 opening. I love the current trend of color blocking so I paired this electric blue skirt with a mustard top,which by the way is so comfy to wear since its silky. I felt my look lacked something so I threw on this cute "kurdoroy" floral blazer and viola! To finish, I used neutral colors for my bag and shoes so that it wouldn't look off.


Forever21 Grand Opening

Forever21 located at the Northwing of SM City Cebu
Arrived at around 8.30 am. Good thing the line was still up to 50 people!
With Apol and her friend
Talk about Forever21 fanatics!haha
Outfit pose while waiting!haha
From my Neutral Combination post, my new babies.:)

Lower ground level entrance

What greets customers when they reach the Upper level. Clothes! Clothes! Clothes!
Shoe heaven! Booties, Wedges, Platforms, Pumps,Flats!
More clothes
Men's section
Forever21 Kids! Cant wait for Sam to grow up! I want her to be my little fashionista.:)
Upper level entrance

Im going to call this my Forever21 experience. I know, I know.. I sound so obsessed with F21 but this is just the woman in me. The kind who loves clothes, who becomes happy with the sight of lovely dresses or chic tops, whose heart skips a beat over a pair of quality shoes.:)

I have been counting the days since news spread that Forever21 will finally have their store here in the Queen City of the South. And the day finally came! Got up early 'coz I had to do my morning bonding with Sam.:) Bath: check! Breakfast: check! Camera: check! I was not worried about the traveling time since SM is just a five-minute drive away from our place. Arrived at around 8.30 am and I was delighted that the line was still short. Yey! Forever21 was posting that for the first 250 customers,they will be getting a 500php Voucher and lots of freebies! As minutes passed, the line gets longer and longer and the hype among the crowd gets stronger. Finally, around 9:50 am the store was opened. It was like entering heaven!haha..(over). I laughed at myself for about 2 minutes because that was the first time I was in awe and in shock with all the clothes. I didn't know where to begin since the store was ssooooooooooooooooo huge!!! I parted ways with my friend so that we can go where we want and check out all the items. I began with the far right corner of the store going to the far left. Aaaarrrggghhh!! Dont you just hate that feeling when you just want to grab anything that you like and wont matter how it costs BUT you CANT coz you have a budget? hahahhaha..Yeah, that was how crazy I was feeling. But then again, there will always be plenty of time to shop, especially on SALES!:)

I had a number of pretty good items inside my Forever21 yellow bag. I love this brand because items are affordable and I feel like when you wear their stuff, you don't have to try hard to look fashionable because the clothes are really stylish and upbeat!(that's just my opinion btw). So there you have it, my F21 experience!!:)

PS. The freebies were so nice. Beauty and bath products from P&G Beauty. Thank you FOREVER21!!:)