Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lace on Lace

 Catching up with the beauty of lace. For others it may seem as clothing like an old lady, but for us fashion lovers, it's a sight to behold and a very timeless design.
 I didn't expect this ensemble would turn out to be such a beauty. What I love are the contrasting colors and the how the pattern connected each separate piece.
The Cutout design. Another hot item these days.
 Then there's the peplum touch to it. This gives you a sexy waistline even if you have bulging tummies and fats.haha. The top is really a very good steal. All three trends in one!

Lace top: Faveshoppe by RMC | Lace shorts: Dash Dolls Cebu | Shoes: PeoplearePeople | Bag: Oleg Cassini

I'm so glad I'm finally able to put up a blog post after almost 2 months of dead zone! But not to put too much    
happiness, I just borrowed my mom's laptop so I don't know when's the next post. Let me just consider this a post Halloween, post hibernation, pre-Thanksgiving or even a pre-Christmas post!haha. 
Anyway, with the two months that I was away, some pretty major changes happened and a few big blessings came too. I am just so thankful that even with the big rocks thrown at me, I'm still able to stand with both feet on the ground. My partner in life, my daughter, family and friends never left my side. I keep on telling myself that if my prayers aren't really answered, maybe I'm destined to be something greater than I thought I could be. I've had a lot of "What Ifs" running through my mind sometimes but I always snap myself back to reality and say that I deserve whatever blessing God gave,has given, and will give me. :)