Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New Beginning

Hello blogging world! My web diary, my personal space in the net, my corner!:)

A lot has changed in just 2 years time after I graduated college. First, I got into one of the most crucial year of my life. Family problems, heartbreak, pressure, finding my directions. Thinking about everything just gives me a smirk on my face. I've handled all those drama that life had thrown at me. Hurrahh for myself! God really tests our integrity as a person and our faith in Him. We might say we want to give up because you cant take it anymore, and then suddenly at the verge of going down He pulls us back up. And now, I've got nothing else to wish for. Well, there maybe are a few screws that needs adjustment but to my Man, you certainly are the best.

As my first blog entry, I want to share pictures of the people and things that complete my life.:)




FRIENDS( by the way, this is just one of the many pics of me and my best FRIENDS^_^)

Clothes, Bags, Shoes, Food.

My Profession: A Registered Nurse


That practically sums up my treasures in life. Happy to have them all!xoxo

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