Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kit Essentials

Let me share to you what's inside my make-up kit.  My hands are really not that gifted when it comes to the art of putting make up ( I honestly wanna learn!).  I believe a woman should always carry in her bag some beauty essentials. I love my trusty kit that I purchased from Tickles, a store in Ayala Mall which sells lots of cute stuff for children and adults.

The whole loot in my red Tickles bag

From R-L: Blush brush from Nichido, a nailcutter, Blush on from Beauty Bar, Foundation by Maybelline, Tera Cotta bronzer, Mini perfume from Estee Lauder

For the eyes: Nichido eyelash curler, Eyeliners from Revlon and Rimmel, Mascara from Nichido, Eyeshadows from Mary Kay,  Brow Powder from Faceshop
Lippies from Loreal, Lancome, Revlon, FaceShop, Nichido
Lovin' the hues especially my semi matte light pink lipstick from Faceshop and my latest buy from Nichido Matte Glamour in red orange

I'll be blogging about new make up or beauty essentials purchases in my future blogs.

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