Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am the Mother Fairy

Finally got to wear my patent and t-strap pumps! It may seem sky high but trust me its very comfortable!
Lace dress: Forever21 | Bag: Aldo | Shoes: Syrup from People are People | Gold Tassel earrings: Monsoon

I'm loving the title for this post!haha. This is what I wore during my baby's first birthday party and the theme was Enchanted Garden. I didn't want to outshine her by wearing pink or other bright colors, so when I laid eyes on that dress I immediately fell in love. The floral lace suits the theme perfectly and the one shoulder makes it look like a fairy dress (In movies, fairies usually have those rugged or ripped dresses!hehe). 
I didn't put a lot of accessories, just gold tassel earrings to compliment the lace. Lastly, the shoes that hubby gave me was the perfect shoes for the dress! I was running and playing the entire time but I didn't feel exhausted with the shoes I'm wearing.
Being the "Mother Fairy" was such a fulfilling task. I got to see my little fairy enjoy her party and I only wish for her to grow into a fine young lady one day. Keep posted for the pictures!:)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Wedding Photodiary

As promised, here's a Photodiary of our wedding last May 22,2011<3

DIY Birthday Giveaway

 Hi everyone! Finally our baby girl's 1st birthday party is done and it was a success! I'll post pictures of her gown and how the party went in another post. Sharing to you what kept me busy in the past weeks. Here's my DIY birthday giveaway for Sam's enchanted garden party.
This was one of the last preparations for Sam's party. My mother-in-law came home from her trip with those porcelain mini baskets 5 days before the 25th of February. So I immediately came up with with this idea.(Insert light bulb!)

What you need: A glue gun, pink ribbon, the basket, some potpouri flowers, paperbag
First, I attached the pink ribbon onto the basket using glue gun.
I intertwined the ribbon to add color to the basket.

Then placed this cute lavender butterfly on the handle of the basket to be in line with the fairy theme.
At first I didn't know what to put inside the basket. My mom suggested to put some dried flowers or potpouri flowers instead.
The finished product.<3
The purpose for this bag was actually for the goodies but then the candies and chocolates won't fit. Such a perfect timing, this became the giveaway bag instead!haha
Simple and easy giveaway for an enchanted garden birthday party <3

This is actually on the the advantages of being a full time Mom. I haven't received any calls yet from the jobs I am applying but I'm still thankful coz I was able to give my effort and time for the preparations. Everything paid off actually! Will post pictures soon!!<3

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sexy in Jeans

Blazer: Shopaholic | Striped top: Thrifted | Pants: Lucky Brand | Shoes: Charles&Keith | Juicy bag: Gift

Who says you can't be sexy in jeans? 
The one thing you should put in mind first when buying jeans is to know your fit. It shouldn't look baggy from behind or too loose on the waist, and especially not the jeans that shows your b**tcrack! That's a BIG No-No! Some people even try too hard to show parts of their navel or wear the skinniest of all skinny jeans just to look sexy. But really sister, you don't. Remember, less is MORE. 
When I buy jeans, I make sure to put these things in mind:
1. Know your size. Before I was a size 23-24. After giving birth I'm now a 26.:(   haha
2. Find the shade that fits you. I'm currently loving light denim and dark shades.
3. Don't just buy the jeans because of the design. Think of the comfort when wearing it.
4. Go for quality. Not with "cheaper but many".
5. Make sure the pants are not "hip-hop" looking. haha excuse me for the term. If the pants are too long for you, then option is to have it altered. Make sure you request to bring back the hem line.
6. If you buy pants because its the current trend (example: wide pants, colored jeans) Make sure you can pull it off!
7. Bootcut and straight cut pants are the timeless ones.

For my outfit, I paired my jeans with heels to add some height rather than putting on flats. Notice the MAN LOOK peg? I'm currently hooked with this trend! If only I had a pair of black biker boots, then I would look "F.I.E.R.C.E" haha! And the red lips sure add some pop of color. Do I look sexy?:)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Accessory Haul

Adorable earrings right? from 395php,got them for only 195php
70% off for the bangle which was priced 700+ and got it for 160php

Did some accessory update over the weekend. And got these for a very low price.^_^

Sequined detachable collar from Flatterbuy 
Earrings  from PARFOIS 
Bangle from Accessorize


Post Valentine

Sweater: Thrifted | Skirt: Bazaar | Bag: Aldo | Shoes: Primadonna | Necklace: Karimadon | Accessories: Bazaar

Here's what I wore to our Post Valentine's day date. I wore a different outfit during the 14th but I didn't get the chance to do the shots. My bad. hehe. It was raining last night so what a perfect chance to wear this sweater I got from the ukay2 store, plus its reddish/maroonish which still sets the mood for a V-date!
Neutral colors and dark accessories to finish the look for a sexier feel.