Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sexy in Jeans

Blazer: Shopaholic | Striped top: Thrifted | Pants: Lucky Brand | Shoes: Charles&Keith | Juicy bag: Gift

Who says you can't be sexy in jeans? 
The one thing you should put in mind first when buying jeans is to know your fit. It shouldn't look baggy from behind or too loose on the waist, and especially not the jeans that shows your b**tcrack! That's a BIG No-No! Some people even try too hard to show parts of their navel or wear the skinniest of all skinny jeans just to look sexy. But really sister, you don't. Remember, less is MORE. 
When I buy jeans, I make sure to put these things in mind:
1. Know your size. Before I was a size 23-24. After giving birth I'm now a 26.:(   haha
2. Find the shade that fits you. I'm currently loving light denim and dark shades.
3. Don't just buy the jeans because of the design. Think of the comfort when wearing it.
4. Go for quality. Not with "cheaper but many".
5. Make sure the pants are not "hip-hop" looking. haha excuse me for the term. If the pants are too long for you, then option is to have it altered. Make sure you request to bring back the hem line.
6. If you buy pants because its the current trend (example: wide pants, colored jeans) Make sure you can pull it off!
7. Bootcut and straight cut pants are the timeless ones.

For my outfit, I paired my jeans with heels to add some height rather than putting on flats. Notice the MAN LOOK peg? I'm currently hooked with this trend! If only I had a pair of black biker boots, then I would look "F.I.E.R.C.E" haha! And the red lips sure add some pop of color. Do I look sexy?:)

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