Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

How was Valentine's day everyone? Was it good? Or was it reaaalllyyy good? 
As for how my Valentine celebration went, it became a two-day affair. Haha. This is gonna be a long post. So read on.

Morning of February 14th, hubby and I decided to finish buying all the party stuff needed for Sam's birthday. We we're both excited of our baby's first party and luckily, it was a day off for him that day. How romantic right? Starting the day with just the two of us completing chores.Haha. Then we had a simple lunch at the mall. He then bought me the pair of shoes I've been wanting to get hold of. Honestly I didn't receive any flowers or card today, just lots of hugs and kissed from him and these gorgeous babies! Thanks Hon!:)

Since this is gonna be our first Valentine celebration as a married couple and 3rd of being together, we decided to have an unplanned dinner later that evening. I was so happy for this coz we only get a few time to go out on dates without or baby girl. By the way, here's what I gave him. A simple V-day card to symbolize my love.Char!

As night came, I prepped up and made myself look so beautiful for him and our date. He too looked so dashing!(haha). Since this is unplanned, we didn't have any reservations made in any restaurant. And it is so obvious that most of the restos are full or waiting. We ended up in a cool diner place called The Ranch in Banilad, Cebu. I've read reviews about it and the good western food they are serving. When we went inside, the tables were full and we have to wait to get a table. Boooo. We decided to stay and wait rather than go to another place and end up getting no table again. So we waited and luckily we got our table. Finally? Not yet! So we ordered some steak and fish fillet to satisfy our growling tummies. An hour and a half went by and no food was served yet. It was already 8.30 in the evening and what's a better way to blow off the date? Our babysitter called and said Sam was crying so hard. (The reality of parenthood)  Hahaha. So we ended up cancelling our orders and hurried home.  I didn't get the chance to do an outfit shot too. Here's the pics that I saved from the date that didn't happen. HAHA
Valentine's day February 14,2012

This isn't the end guys!hahaha. I was so frustrated on how the night went so hubby planned for a part two. This time, we brought Sam with us. It became a family post Valentine's date! No need to hush, there will always be next year and the coming years to celebrate Valentines! :) 
The culprit.HAHAHA

In the end, we still got our Valentine's celebration! Hope you guys had a blast! 
Love Love Love!:)


    and the leopard print on pin. Happy hearts day, Ate Vea! :)

  2. Love the shoes! So jealous na

  3. I lavet, cute au mo salvs! Post pic sa imo top! :)