Friday, March 2, 2012

Black and White

The skirt made me look slimmer.hehe
Lovely details on the collar.
Polo: Langella's Closet | Skirt: Forever21 | Heels: Charles&Keith

What do you do to take a picture of yourself when no one's around? SELF TIMER!
What do you do to save the pictures you took but not the quality you want? EDIT! So black and white it is.
Hahaha. I wore this outfit to another interview I had a couple of days ago. Oh thank you Lord God for the new opportunities and blessings! I hope I get this job this time.
As I was saying, I never get to wear corporate clothes because of the profession I have. Only in interviews that I get to wear something like this. With my outfit, I think every woman should have a Black Pencil Skirt as a staple item in their closet. It's the perfect piece of clothing that you can wear whether to a party, in the office, even at the mall. You can always play around with colors since black can look good with any shade. 
I opted for a black and white ensemble to look formal and presentable to the panel of interviewers. 
I say it's also on how you carry yourself that can add points to your application and eventually get you the job.
So guys, I hope you can pray for me(puppy eyes *_*)  that I'll be able to get the position I'm applying. Toodles!:)

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