Monday, April 2, 2012

First Blog Award: LIEBSTER BLOG

Thank you Mish of LBD & Onesies for tagging me in this award/post. 
It's been 7 months now since I started blogging about what I wear, fashion inspirations, food trips, and the list goes on, and so far I am really enjoying this. Sharing ideas and topics with people who has same interest as I am,making new friends, getting comments and boosting my self-confidence. Those are the things that I got ever since I entered the blogosphere. In general, I want to say that my style is evolving and I make my life as colorful as the dresses on runways.

The word Liebster, is a German word which means "favorite". This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. When tagged, he or she must share 7 to 10 things about themselves. Then tag and inform 7 deserving bloggers about this award so this continues.

10 Facts about Simply Morena:

1. Salvee Langella is derived from my 2 grandmother's name. "Salvee" from "Salvacion" and "Langella" from "Angela"
2. I entitled my blog Simply Morena for the fact that I am morena/brown skinned and I'm proud of it!
3. I gave birth at the age of 23. Got married 3 months after I gave birth. We now have a beautiful 13 month old daughter and will be celebrating our first anniversary as a married couple this May 11.
4. I have a big appetite especially with sweets but I still weigh below 50kgs. Lucky me.haha
5. I need to cure my being an impulsive buyer.
6. I am a registered nurse but is currently jobless/unemployed but fervently prays to get hired asap because I dream and plan to migrate with my family to New Zealand. 5-6 years from now.
7. I discovered blogging through Decided to put up a blog like other lookbookers so that I can have more details and ideas to post. 33 followers through GFC and counting.hehe
8. I am an addict to neutral colors.
9. I secretly want to be  model but the gods are against me.haha
10. I am inlove with BLOGGING.

Tagging 7 deserving bloggers:
Angeli of Miss Enthusiast
Vanessa East of one frozen margarita


  1. Awwe yayyy thanks Ate Vea! <3 and Congratulashennns ;)

  2. we all deserve this award!haha..:)
    congrats sa Blind Clothing diay..soon to be "Kardashians" of Cebu.:)