Monday, June 25, 2012


Top: Penshoppe | Leggings: Janxyra | Satchel bag: Parisian | Shoes: PARFOIS

My favorite outfit post so far! I am so in love with neons and pastels right now. I want to buy everything neon/pastel! lol. My photographer/ mom told me the outfit was a bit off and too bright. (She critics me in all my ideas slash mentor), and I told her " That's the point!". I dared myself to wear this and I was actually happy with the outcome. I think the colors just blended well. With the leggings and satchel, I chose a simple top with colors to match, then paired the whole look with black heels. 
I wore this to a dinner out/ reunion with my best friends! We keep telling ourselves that we are now professionals but when we are in each others' company, we turn back to the old us. The carefree and fun loving people that we are! I guess things will always be the same when you are with the people you grew up with. :)


  1. great colors!!so refreshing to look at :) love your heels to!!
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  2. mine too! the colors look good on you! i love your bag!

    toni pino-oca
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  3. i love all the colors! but what i especially love most are the heels! :)
    followed you, btw. hope we could follow each other. :)