Saturday, August 18, 2012

August Rush

This isn't a very fashion-related post. I just want to express how my heart's so giddy with excitement lately!
It's the middle of the year and it's the time again when I pause for a while and look back on how things had sailed since the start of the year. Everything didn't start the way I imagined it to be. I thought I was gonna...I hope I could have.... And that's it. Just incomplete sentences, because the answers I got weren't really the ones I expected but turned out to be how God planned it. I know He has been planning each of our lives and our actions are just tools to achieve them. How to win a lottery if we keep on praying but not buying tickets?haha! Get the point.
August air is very warm here in the Southside. But I'm not complaining because it's bringing more action too!
I posted in my facebook profile "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED". If you might be wondering what this is about, it's actually blessings from God in the most perfect time! I won't spill the beans just yet coz I don't what to jinx the luck or anything. I am just preparing myself for a very big change. I HOPE!
So yesterday, with my co-teachers, we went down to the beach and  enjoyed the long weekend! I got a breath of fresh air and the view of the beautiful horizon made my day. It's like looking ahead again for something better and brighter.

Fingers crossed!xx

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  1. Miss the beach and 2012 isn't really a good year for me but I just have to deal with it.