Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gender Breaker

Floral top: Topshop | Bandage skirt: Bazaar | Bag: Parisian | Brogues: Parisian

I entitled this post " Gender Breaker" since I'm wearing all girly-girly from top to skirt and I paired it with this lovely pair of brown Brogues. I love the color combination of floral and neutral.

Today, I met up with a friend at the mall coz she asked me a favor to help her find a goddess-inspired dress for their party. So I'm a.k.a her "Stylist" haha! Im flattered that she came up to me to dress her up! We had a number of choices that suits her with designs like draping and sheers, one piece wonders and color blocking! Most of the dresses where from SM Philippine Fashion Week pieces. Im excited of the final look that my friend will wear.:)


  1. i already followed your blog but for some reason, it does not show in my dashboard. love the photos so much ad i'm in love with the skirt. <3

  2. oh my, im lovin this look! uhhh, i love all your looks!! :)

  3. Chyrel: Thanks dear!:)

    Liezyl: awww thanks a lot!! im just starting here in the blogosphere and i really appreciate the comments!:)