Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy birthday,Mama!


The birthday Girl!
Three generations of beauty.:)
Mini birthday cake c/o the restaurant
Very poised in blowing the candle.haha
Yummy dessert!
Sugar overdose
Family picture.
Along the halls of Waterfront Hotel, like a Winter Wonderland!

December 6,2011
My mom is now officially a Golden girl + 1 (do the math!haha). We had a simple buffet dinner together with my hubby and baby, since my brother is studying in Manila.

There are a lot of reason why I love my Mom. All I can say is Mother's knows best. She has always been there for me from the beginning, helping me through every baby step, stepping in to prep school, taking leaps through high school and college, and even tutored me on walking elegantly. I think I got the style from her. The way I carry and dress myself is all because of her influence. She is my ultimate style guru. I would always ask her what looks good on me and borrow her shoes even! She is also the most understanding yet complicated person I know (sorry Mom!haha complicated coz of ur mood swings). When it comes to family, indeed, a Mother is the light. Even if all parts fall apart, the light she brings will always help the family come closer, just like a moth to the flame. She is the strongest individual in the planet for me because she has her own battles but manages to be strong for me and my brother. She is the most frank and outspoken person, and others may even mistaken her as a snob but she isn't. She is very creative when it comes to decorating our humble abode and also loves FLOWERS! She dreams of touring Europe and build her dreamhouse: bahay kubo with a huge garden.(LOL @ MAMA!hehe). And she is the most loving person, especially to Sam. I may have hurt her in the past but she embraced me with her arms open wide. To Mama, we love you so much. Let's keep holding on coz God is just with us all the time. He is leading us to a direction and a destination way better than we can ever imagine.


  1. i miss dining at waterfront! mizu was our favorite restaurant ng friends ko but unforutnately they left for the states na. happy happy birthday to your mom! hope she had a grand time:)


  2. didnt try eating at Mizu pa, but i'll definitely eat there one of these days.hehe..yep, she had a great time..thanks IDOL!hehe..:D