Monday, December 19, 2011

Im Curly for you!

Top: IT Park Bazaar | Pants: Maldita | Bag: Parisian | Brogues: Parisian


What do you think of my new look? I've been wanting to achieve those super perfect curls that models and artists have. Those wavy,big curls that looks sooo sexy! Last Saturday, I did some salon hopping to find quality digital perms but to my dismay, they were not on my budget! Most of it are above 3,000php! I came to my last resort of getting the usual curls..the ones one my pictures above. Thank you to Salon de Rose for the worth it new-do. As I was browsing through the magazines while waiting for 3 hours, one of the staff told me that those curls I want can just be done thru irons or hair setting. Yes, there are video tutorials on hair styling but for a hands on Mom like me, I actually dont have any time to do them. *Sad face* Maybe when my baby's all grown up, I can have the time to experiment on hairstyles.:)

Also, over the weekend, I finally had time to do some Christmas shopping! YEY! I do hope there's gonna be a part 2 and buy stuff for myself!hehe..Christmas rush is killing me. Long lines in counters, out of stock items that I want, tight and i mean TIGHT budget! Yes, things have changed. When you have a family of your own, you don't think about yourself anymore. I made sure to buy gifts for my hubby and baby. When I was still single, I had all the time I want to buy whatever stuff. Yes I do miss that phase but what I have right now is priceless and no material thing can compare.:)

PS.  I still pray to receive some gifts though. SHOES. Size 6 half or 7.haha!

Starbucks date with hubby while completing our Christmas shopping
Christmas gift he bought for himself!


  1. awww bagay ang hair and youre soooo pretty. and i love your top :() blog moreeee ^^

  2. hi miss east!hehe thank u!! love ur blog too..such a cool chick!:)

    Merry christmas!:)