Thursday, January 26, 2012

God gave me Him.

It is a common saying that someone out there is MEANT for you. He or she may not be the kind of person you are looking for, the physical qualities and attitude may not match to your standards, that person will find a way to be in your life. Or maybe that person will be lead straight to you by God. 
I consider our story something unexpected but right..feels just so right. We were two strangers with two very different lives. It's funny how we just pass by each other at school during college years without knowing we would be each others' spouse in the future. I remember making fun of  him from afar because of his very masculine built and a very round head.HAHA. I called him Mr. Clean.HAHA again! 
Our paths crossed once again during reviews for the board exam. I am so confident that I had a crush on somebody else during review classes not knowing I would fall for someone sitting in front of me. (I'm actually smiling right now,reminiscing the days!) 
My heart was also having a broken heart syndrome that time which is why I was very cautious to love again. I never really thought he would be ROBOCOP( not a knight in shining armor). HAHA. He was always noticed for having a buff body and so they called him Robocop. He was the one who made my heart smile again and gave me the love I deserve. I keep on saying to myself "That's why it never worked with.... Or that's why I took the board exam during November 2009". All of my questions during the time I was depressed were answered. 
And now after 2 years, I'm still with the person who God gave to build a family with. We sleep each night side by side together with our little girl, then wake up every morning to a whole new light. I pray that our marriage be blessed always and that the passion and love be forever in hearts and in the years to come.

Sharing to you guys some pictures from our "Prenup shoot"

Photos from my friend Toni Despojo. Check her sites:

I'll post pictures from our Garden civil wedding this February as an opener for the love month! Stay inlove guys!