Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just smile even if it hurts.

Floral blazer: Thrifted | Scallop top: Topshop | Necklace: Forever21 | Booties: Wade

This quote always gets me by. Yes, I just smile even if it hurts. I try to go live this wonderful life given by God like there's no bad shit in this world. Honestly, I have been bagging this burden for quite some time now. I won't go further with the details but I'm sure you guys can relate if somebody so dear to you, hurts you. Intentional or not, the damage is still painful. I can only wish I'd be given the perfect timing to come up to that person and cry my heart out, instead of crying inside pretending I'm okay with it. 

Why this sudden sad post?Let's just say news spread faster than light. I try to stay away from all those negative thoughts and emotions yet they keep coming in. Whenever I get confronted with this issue, I easily burst into tears. ( I confess I'm a very emotional person). No matter how hard I try to forget, I think these feelings are only repressed and that makes it harder for me to move on. SIGH.

I know I am too blessed with what I have right now. My family, my husband and daughter, and my friends. They keep me sane and alive. I guess this is just what LIFE is all about, you surround yourself with love and happiness and try to face those obstacles with a smile and bring them down!!!

PS. They say your outfit depends on your mood. I say dressing up makes me feel good about myself. So thank you clothes,bags and shoes for being my stress reliever.^_^


  1. Awww, everything will be okay soon. ;)

  2. Dont be sad gwaps kay nice kay kag outfit! ;)

  3. like na like ko ang floral blazer. :)