Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recent buy: Collars x Sheer x GlittersOn

Current trend: Collared tops, detachable or not.:)
Light and lady hues
I love the sheer cloth and the pleats
Finally something glittery. I was looking for sweater-like designs but when I saw this, I had to get it!
Another sheer. Love the neckline of this
This top reminds me of something worn by pirates.haha. Its silky and puff on the sleeves
Super love this cropped sweater. The color is actually not deep red, its near maroon. Saw something like this at Forever21 too!

My recent visit to the thrift store today was just lovely! I really didn't plan of going thrift hunting today coz I was just updating my resume and filing some applications for work. After doing so, across the internet cafe was an Ukay-Ukay store currently on sale. Of course the impulsive side of me had to set in. I checked it out and viola, came out of the shop almost after 30 minutes with those items above. I mentioned they were on sale, so how much did I pay for all of these? *drum roll please*... 115 PESOS! Yes, everything was 20 pesos each and the green sheer was 35 pesos only!
This is what I love about thrift stores, you come across unique and classic pieces in very cheap prices! Just like the glittery top, I have been looking at that same design in WAGW and Forever21 but I decided not to buy yet coz I know I'll find some identical ones, and I did! The sweater too was a favorite find! 
You guys also noticed the color palette of what I bought. Just plain, simple, and light. Since its almost summer, these are perfect for a clean and chic look. Can't wait to wear them all!

P.S. I'm also busy planning and finalizing things for my  baby's 1st birthday party! Haven't decided the theme and motif! I want something unique and not the usual Disney character theme. I do have a lot of ideas in my mind but can't seem to put them together. Pressured with my applications for work too. Hope you guys can suggest themes.:) It's still a month away.


  1. Gotta love thrift stores <3 I also bought two skirts and two tops from Ukay a few days ago! :) Will be wearing them for my next two post. Come by again and check! :)