Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blurry,but its all Good

Floral cover up: Forever21 | Top: SM | Pants: Freego | Flats: Parisian

Chasing lights and taking an outfit pose on a Sunday afternoon after doing the groceries. Sorry for the blurred pics, my husband had to carry Sam while holding the cam on the other hand.HAHA! We're having a bit of nanny problems as of the moment. Its really tough juggling different kinds of helpers that render their service but offers headache after. They say many will come and go until you find the right one.LOL. I do hope to find one asap coz I'll be going back to work as a nurse. Fingers crossed!xx

Thank God for picture editors. I've been using Picasa and Photoscape to create collages, edit colors, crop photos and other applications to make good quality photos. Whenever I get a crappy shot with a cute outfit on, I try my absolute hardest to edit it and post it on my sites, just like the ones above. I adjusted the brightness and sharpness, warmified some to get a vintage-y feel.


  1. I use photoscape too. No hassle and very easy! Pareha gyud ta ug locales dah! Parking lots! :)

  2. haha! d man kau dghan tao and street chic man ang target na look. plus nindut ang lighting..natural light!:D