Friday, March 16, 2012

Product Review: Faceshop and 4u2

As I have shared in my previous posts, I am not really gifted when it comes to the art of putting on make up. I think I have two heavy hands who can't do light strokes. haha. I only know the basic and I only have some basic make up products like eye palettes, blush ons, powders. What I do love though are lipsticks. Matte lipsticks to be exact. 
As an additional topic for my blog, I'll be posting some beauty product reviews of my purchases to give you some options if you too want to buy beauty stuff.

First up, the coveted BB cream. I never really had any purchase of BB creams though I've heard a lot of good reviews with its use. It was fate when I discovered Faceshop's Aqua Tinted BB Cream since I got it because of my Mom. She is more of a make up/beauty person than me. She bought their new blush on product and some face cleanser which cost like 1,500php. The BB cream came as a freebie! 

The cream comes in a 40ml tube and I got one in natural beige to match my skin color. It has SPF20 and contains 70%  water which keeps the skin fresh, clean and well-moisturized. It also has a scent that makes my face smelling good!

Before and After pic. Notice how the cream made my skin clearer and the dark spots covered. You only need a small squeeze from the tube so it doesn't really run out fast.

I have been using this for almost 2 months now. I swear I don't do retouch anymore! Unlike before with powder foundation wherein I do several retouch, with this I don't! Just with the blush on, but my face looks fresh the entire time.

Next up is this lipstick from 4u2.  I'm currently hooked with nude and earth colors when it comes to lipsticks. This matte find from 4u2 just cost 245php.
4u2 Glitz lipstick in shade # 7.

 I love the "No-make up" look so I've been hunting some nude, or pink to coral hues for my lips plus its summer so this is just what I need! I am morena or dark skinned so it's these shades suits me best. 
The color does wear out after eating or drinking so there's a need to retouch. I guess this is a cheaper version of MAC since they also have lots of shades to choose from.
Love this one!hehe
Without flash

With flash

Ratings: I say for both products 4 out of 5. 

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