Thursday, March 8, 2012

Young and Preppy @ 24!

A Happy happy birthday to me!!!:)
Birthday outfit with this year's color theme.

I am being all girly and sweet with a touch of preppy!hehe
I am inlove with this current trend. I kept on putting it on and off to see the difference in my outfit and the collar really add some spark and spunk! Thanks to flatterbuy
Sheer top: Forever21 | Pleated coral pink shorts: Topshop | Shoes: JC inspired from Primadonna 

This year's color theme is such an inspiration for me to dress up and play with colors! Summer is also just around the corner so what a great way to do color blocking and matching.
As for how my birthday went, I promised myself not to have a big celebration like I always do for 23 years. Haha. I've had a beach birthday, kiddie birthday at Mcdonalds,in karaoke bars, in music bars, or do reservations in some restaurant for my family and friends. This year I achieved it. First , we paid visit to church to thank God for all the blessings. Then had a simple lunch at District 50. Afterwards, hubby, Sam and me played in the kiddie zone!haha! I think we spent 1 hour playing video games and rides! It was a family bonding moment plus Sam enjoyed the rides! Then by dinner, my mom bought me a cake and ice cream while my mother-in-law cooked some meal for us. It was just a simple celebration just as I imagined it. I just am so happy and what I'm wishing for this year will be more on opportunities, forgiveness and love. 
Some of the pictures from yesterday: