Thursday, April 12, 2012

Edgy Summer

Braid crazy.hehe

In love with every detail of this shorts!


Graphic top: Freeway | Shorts: DTS Shorts | Hat: Metro | Bag: Splash | Rope bracelet: Accessorize

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt and wear light clothing. I was ecstatic with our 2-day getaway so its the perfect time to wear those super edgy shorts and a comfy,loose graphic top. I wore my swimsuit underneath coz I was soooo ready to hit the beach! Braids for your hair is also another summer look to try. Make it loose and a little bit undone to make it cuter and sweeter. Lastly for my nails, I had it done hours before our trip. Who did it? Me of course.haha. Again, didn't have time to go to the salon so I just bought the polish. Don't you just love the pastel color? It's so refreshing plus its the current trend.
Try experimenting with colors and prints. You'll never know what suits you unless you try.:)


  1. Sus! Braids are all over! Made me miss my long locks! Haha! Love the shorts, Salvee!

    1. haha angayan man ka sa imo hair ron Chy.:)
      and ang shorts cute jd..check the site kung asa nako,dghan sila nice designs and barato rapd.:)

  2. Wow you look gorgeous! Thank you for loving Accessorize! Pls visit our store for more Spring-Summer Collection and get a chance to win a trip to Boracay!