Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Packing for: 2-day Getaway

I'll be honest guys. This is already a post-getaway Post. I haven't had any time to log in to my computer and blog about the clothes I've prepared for our 2 day getaway. So here goes: I'M BACK!!!!!haha

To officially welcome summer, we decided to check in at the prestigious 5 star Shangrila Hotel and Resort here in Mactan, Cebu plus celebrated my mother-in-laws birthday. FYI, my husband works as a Service Associate there and he's assigned in the fitness and spa center. Thanks to him we were able to get a very very big discount for our stay. :) Anyway, here are the stuff that I packed for me and Sam.

For Sam: 2 sets of swimsuits, sun hat, shades, smock dress, yellow set
For me: Boater hat, studded shorts, cover up, 2 piece, one piece, romper, maxi dress, shades and pastel nail color

Coming up, outfit shots and some bikini shots!!! 
My whole body is sooo tanned already! Got to love summer at its best!<3


  1. looking forward to seeing photos of your trip! :)

    anyway, please join my blog giveaway if you haven't yet! 10 sunglasses are up for grabs!

    -Mish :)

    1. thanks Mish! im working on them now. soo many pictures!haha