Monday, May 28, 2012


My smile is authentic. Why? Because I acknowledge pain and defeat. I cry because I was hurt. I fought against sadness. And now I have a lot of reasons behind that curve on my face.(Current Facebook P.P)

Polo: Essenxa | Shorts: Surplus Shop | Bag: Accessorize | Gladiators: Chelsea

I love rummaging through my Mom's old clothes coz its where I can find my "New" clothes, just like the top I am wearing.haha. Life lately has been so good to me. Just yesterday, I received my *drum roll please* first salary! Imagine, 3 years after graduating college, I now have a real I was so happy to take it, even if its not that big. It's the thought that counts,right? So I bough me-self a good ol' chocolate cake!haha. It's also sort of my treat to my family. 
No one really knows the real measure of true happiness. In my case, real happiness means surviving the worst of the worst and finding every reason to smile after everything that has happened. I got to see things now in a much brighter perspective. 
Sharing some love and smiles to all of you!!!:)

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  1. Loving the color combi ::) super love the shorts :DD