Saturday, May 26, 2012

Better Light

Neon tank top: Forever21 | Pants: Shop Nude Clothing | Bracelet: Adore

Attended a wedding of my husband's cousin at Casino Espanol here in Cebu. I didn't know what's the motif of the wedding until we came to the place and it was tangerine and orange.haha. That's what you call intuition and dressing up for the occasion. 
Everyone knows neon is one of the trends now and I never imagined I would fall in love with this trend. In my case, I have dark skin so its really a no-no to wear neons and dark orange but when I came up with my outfit, I was so satisfied with the result! In a sea of beige, grey and pink, I stood out! Now, I'm on a hunt for more neon clothes, particularly neon light green!
Bummer because I only took pictures indoor plus with bad lighting. I'm itching to have this outfit taken again with better light outdoor.

Instagram pic

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