Sunday, May 13, 2012

Its Flowers I want, Flowers I shall get

Haha! I'm just kidding with my post title. :p
The floral trend has been flooding blogs, fashion sites and runways as of the moment so I wanted to try it for myself. It's such a risky thing to create looks with bold prints because you may end up committing a fashion crime. Last month, I stumbled upon this online shop for babies called Lauren Therese and saw these floral leggings which actually is a Mommy-daughter pair. I immediately bought it and imagined me and Sam wearing them on Mother's day. And we did. :) 
Blue blazer: Bazaar | Inner top: H&M | Floral leggings: Lauren Therese

I tried to make use of what I have lying inside my closet that matches these leggings. I actually wanted to pair it with a sleeveless denim top just because floral+denim actually works. But then I haven't had luck on buying what I imagined so I just color matched  blue, dark pink and green from top to bottom. Then a neutral color for the shoes. Also, I hope my tassel necklace caught your attention. Want to know where I got them?Find out in my next post.:)

And here's a teaser photo on how we celebrated Mother's day. Sam and me with matching leggings.haha
For mommies, check out Lauren Therese page . They have lots of cute stuff for you and your baby, plus MTO Tutu dresses,skirts and bustles! 

So cute!!!:)


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  1. You look cute together! :) And I love the colors on your outfit!