Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY Tassel necklace

I was inspired by other fashion bloggers with their DIY clothes and accessories and got me to do my own DIY. I wanted to get tassel necklaces from online shops for quite a some time now but shipping fees make me think twice about my purchase. (kuripot?haha) Unless I want to buy clothes but with accessories I had to think over and over again. Just last Saturday, I finally got the urge to DIY and I was happy about the outcome. I went to a local fabric& craft shop and bought these: 

Tassels , Half meter gold chain, necklace lock, rings (all just cost me between 100-150 php)

1. Arrange the tassels on how you want it to look. I didn't buy enough since its just a trial so I arranged them with spaces.

2. Insert the rings on top of the tassel. The rings serve as the pieces that will attach the tassel to the chain.

3. Attach the tassels to the chain. I didn't have any tool to help me in attaching so imagine my patience.haha.

4. Attach the lock at one end of the chain

5. My finished products! Had one in mint colors

And to top it all of, I just made these babies in less than 30 minutes. I'm proud of myself!haha

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