Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A little cafe called Cafe Caw

I stumbled upon this food blog site by my college batchmate Phoebe (who also owns a cupcake business here in Cebu), and read her post about this new sweets and coffee shop called Cafe Caw which opened just last April 25,2012. I always have a thing for small, intimate food corners that are adorned by personalized stuff it makes you think you're in your own room. So I checked it out myself.

Sorry for the not so decent picture.haha. You may already guess the landmark? It's along Banilad road going to USC-TC, just across Bright Academy.
Cute window with some flowers on pots
Dining tables outside. Everything in pastel!
Love every color of this table! Its so updated with the trend.haha
Inside. Reminds me of nursery school!haha
Food counter
This is what I'm after. CUPCAKES and SWEETS!!!:)
MENU ( They serve hot and cold drinks, cupcakes, cookies, light snacks, pasta meals.Just home style freshly baked desserts and comfort food! Budget would cost between 40-250 php.)
Their Red Velvet! Yummy and its served cold! I just want to share that every time I check out pastry or snack shops and they serve red velvet, it would always be the red velvet that I would order. Then I rank each red velvet I tasted!haha.. So far I've tasted 4 different versions and this would be the 5th. In ranking, I would probably put it in the 2nd spot!:)
I just had to take a picture of my yellow nails with their mint table as a background!haha

You're definitely in for some SWEET TIME!:)

Check out Cafe Caw's facebook page for more details and updates!:)


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    1. I went there mga afternoon na. Wala man kau Tao so maka.chill ra ka.:)