Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This has got to be my most "no effort", non-blogger outfit so far. I had a couple of things done today and I gotta say I'm in for some action now! I guess my outfit/ post title represented my life lately. Read on.

Floral cover up: Forever21 | Inner: Topshop | Pants: Maldita

So back to what's going on with my life lately, I just got hired as an ESL teacher in a school near our place. I'm on my 2nd day of training still because there are no available students or no Koreans have arrived yet. So basically, I allot 2 hours of my time watching other teachers in their class, do some writing and speaking drills. To be honest, this was the least of my priority. I was always focused on being a nurse so I became unemployed for exactly 1 year and 6 months now. I became a full time mother until just recently when I felt like I'm becoming useless. I know being a Mom is a pretty tiring thing but I had my own setbacks, mental setbacks to be exact. I then realized I'm not born to be a plain housewife, or maybe for now that is. I realized I can function better as a wife and as a mom if I'm working. My husband fully supports me with this because he also wants me to achieve my goals. So I got back to applying at hospitals BUT got no luck so I got discouraged.  I stopped applying around March and just waited and waited for any call from the hospital. At this very moment no hospital called yet. Since I spend a lot of time on the net, I tried my luck and started  passing resumes in Mynimo.com wherein most jobs posted are for call centers or ESL. Then I got the call from the company and so now I'm on my second day of training. 
I got used to driving my own car ever since college. Don't call me spoiled or anything because my parents just provided me with useful stuff, so I can say I had a pretty Chill life back then. Now, I had to let go of those stuff because keeping a family isn't always gonna be easy. If I want to save money, I need to let some of my comfort go. So I started commuting. Thank God my workplace is just 20-30 minutes away with traffic. 
Then just yesterday, another job opportunity called. It was a job as front office staff in a hotel here in Cebu. Well, when it rains it pours! There was a time when I had no feedback at all, and now they all kept coming in. Just perfect timing..grrr. Now I'm torn between this ESL job and working in a Hotel. Haay!! I'm not complaining Lord. Please guide me with the decisions I will make/
So I just wanted to express that everything isn't achieved easily. Not all of us are born with riches and gold so we got to work hard for it. I'm thankful now that I got a job, although my heart is still on working as a nurse because I now I will have a stable future with it. 


  1. super love the cover up. will you be going to BU3?


    1. Thanks Eden!:) I really want to go and meet the other fab bloggers but I can't.hehe.. Good luck to all of u! :)