Monday, June 18, 2012

Just My Luck

When it comes to games and contests, I am not one who gets lucky always. Except for school or any other affairs, I sometimes take home the prize. But with contests that just rely on luck, like stakes or draws, even blog giveaways, my name isn't that lucky!haha. I dream too that one day I win the national lottery!
Just a few days ago, I joined flatterbuy's Summer Isn't Over contest with just easy mechanics of guessing where is their next destination with a hint " City of Love and Lights". Of course, Paris!:)
I was so happy when their owner pmed me that I won! woooohooooo!! First time I won something over online giveaways! And the prizes are too beautiful to stare at!:)
I am very much excited to get my hands on all of these! Can't wait to blog and use them! Thanks again FLATTERBUY!

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