Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 Top: Say's Shoppe | Pants: Mango | Bag: Closet Chic | Shoes: PARFOIS

 My work outfit for today after a very well spent holiday! So I have mentioned on my previous post about my little shopping agenda which led me to finally buy the shoes I've been lusting on since March.haha. I've seen this style on many international bloggers, most brands are Steve Madden and Marc Jacobs, and it really caught my eye since it has a very classic touch. Peep toe, Ankle straps, chunky, velvet, and its black. When I saw the same styled shoes at Parfois, I got really excited! I promised myself this will be my reward after a few pay days.hahaha (talk about being not impulsive anymore. Yes, I am now 
I paired it with my red Mango jeans and used neutral colors with my top and bag. I am not one who accessorizes too much because I want to keep my look simple but stylish. Pardon me for the not so decent picture of the shoes, I assure you this will have a lot of exposure on my future posts.haha! :)
Crashed this out on my wishlist! Finally! Photo from Instagram