Sunday, July 15, 2012


Denim Jacket: Oxygen | Dress: Terranova | Shoes: Charles&Keith | Necklace: South Shores

What is this woman thinking? Denim on a hot day? haha. 
I only got a few clothes stocked in my husband's house. On weekends, me and Sam usually go to my mom's place and have overnight. She wants to spend time with us, so when my husband is at work, we grab the chance to go home. Most of my old clothes are in my old room (insert MISSING THEM A LOT!). I just had that impulse thinking of wearing that brown dress and pairing it with a denim jacket. I don't why but I kept thinking about it, and so I really put them on. This jacket is sooo high school. I remember my Dad bought this for me for our school Christmas Party when I was still a freshman. So calculate, 11 years ago! I guess i haven't grown and inch too big or too wide at all.haha! I love every detail of the jacket and also the fit. Then, edited the color of the pictures to make it look vintage. Are you getting some hints that I'm a lover of neutral colors?hehe
Yesterday was also the last day of SM Cebu Mid-year Sale. I got stressed at work so I rewarded myself. haha. Bought some stuff for hubby and Sam too. Good thing it's payday today!haha. 
Will share some of the stuff I bought on my next post. Have a great week ahead guys!:)

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