Monday, August 6, 2012


Blazer: Redhead from SM GTW | Inner: H&M | Shorts: Bratz Shop Cebu | Shoes: SalaBianca

This blazer is such a unique find. I got it from SM GTW during their mall wide sale. Aside from the fact that it's blue, the panel is very versatile. You can either dress up or dress down with the blazer. It also has a jersey cloth so its very stretchable and cool. I wanted to go for a casual but girly look so I matched it with a cute jersey short. Then paired the whole look with those cute strappy sandals I got from my Mom. It has a 2-inch heel but when you walk, it seems like you are gliding.

Since I got this from Redhead, SM GTW is holding the search for the next Redhead Model.

If you got what it takes, click here for more details


  1. I love the color combination! Lookin so chic and bright! <3

    1. Thanks chy! I'm not really a fan of blue but Murag ako mga sanina pulos blue.haha..subconsciously ra diay. :)

  2. you look really really amazing, love the necklace! :)
    KISSES! <3