Thursday, August 9, 2012

Style Crush: Kate Hudson

I've decided to dedicate one post every month to all my style inspirations and crushes. These are the people who I consider fashion forward, and of course that includes fashion bloggers around the globe. You see, we all have our own way of styling our outfits on a day-to-day basis but where do we get these ideas from? I'm not saying I follow their style but I get inspired by them. I know all of you will agree on this.

So for this month of August, let me start off with my all time girl crush, Kate Hudson!
I have always considered her as the coolest girl alive! Daughter of the equally vixen Goldie Hawn, this goldilocks is such a babe! I've seen a lot of her movies like Gossip, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, Bride Wars, Raising Helen, Fool's Gold, etc. but it was in the movie Almost Famous where she played the hippie/ groupie Penny Lane that made me love her even more! Of course playing opposite to hottie Billy Crudup!

I love her "jeans, shirt, boots, jacket,bag" kind of style! Ahhhhhh, woman! How can you look so chic?:p

 Aside from being stylish, Kate also has the killer smile and those cat-like eyes that exudes SEXINESS!!
Now that she's a mother, I love her even more because for me, she became 10x cooler than before!haha
Cool mom! I want to be like her!haha

That's why I'm drawn to basics, neutrals, blazers, pants, and everything simple but classic. I've shared to you guys before that I really don't excessorize. I like to keep my look simple and clean. Although I've experimented with colors every now and then, but my heart goes back to neutrals.haha

Amen to you, Kate!:)

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  1. If there's ONE THING, I love most about her. She always gets to date the ROCK STARS! XD