Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year Ender

Top: SM Department Store | Leopard shorts: July | Bag: Oleg Cassini | Shoes: Primadonna

My last look for 2011! I gotta say I'm happy I discovered blogger because its way of how I can express myself through the things I love. I'm looking forward to the years ahead wherein I can make improvements as a blogger and as a person in general. 2011 was such a great blessing to me. The start of the year was so exciting since my expected date of birth is March 2,2011. It was 9 months of waiting and finally last February 23,2011 at 5:02 am my Georgina Samuelle was born. She was the greatest gift from God. Fast forward to March, I turned 23 and celebrated it with my close friends and family. Then by end of March, I got engaged to my husband. It was a wonderful experience planning for a civil wedding on our own. We didn't want the typical courtroom marriage so we went with all the hassle with the requirements and preparation and got a garden wedding. We opted for a civil wedding first because we want to pay full a grand wedding when we can already afford it ourselves. I'll post a blog of my wedding soon,plus pictures. The other months of 2011 was spent on family building. It had to sink in to me that I'm no longer single and that my priorities and responsibilities are now mature. I'm looking forward to next year,that my career will already take off, I mean take its course. I pray I'll be able to work as a nurse again and complete my requirements to be able to go out of the country to provide a better future for my family. Other than this, I wish good health and bountiful blessings to my Sam,husband Jeffrey, family and friends! Happy 2012 everyone!

Another way to end my year right is to spend it with my best FRIENDS. It became an annual thing for us to gather and do Manito-Manita. We had a simple dinner at The Old Cul-de-Sac and just enjoyed each others company.

Fish fillet with lemon. The meal of the night!hehe
Spicy Gambas
Gifts!! Above: for our Manito-Manita  | Below: Sam's gifts from her ninongs and ninangs

What I got: Vintage necklace and Geometric earrings from Maica. Thank you!<3

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas gifts / Partial Wishlist granted!

Presents from Papa
A dress, top and leggings all from Guess. Thank you, Daddylo!

Military blazer from What A Girl Wants given by my brother. Thanks JC!
Velvet Ankle booties from Wade. Thanks Mama!!!
My baby's presents! A Minni Mouse toy, Vtech Laptop, Puzzle pieces, and lots of clothes!
A Merry Merry Christmas to me!!!:)
If you've read my recent post about My Christmas Wishlist 2011, then you probably know why I entitled this Partial wishlist granted!hehe.. First up, the iPad I got from my Papa. I was actually asking for the iPhone 4 or maybe upgrade to iPhone 4s but its better with this than nothing. I'm a Self-confessed loser when it comes to techy stuff. Hope you guys can give me reviews about the iPad. Still, loving this unexpected gift and I know this will really come handy if I'll just explore.

Next are those booties!! Love the texture,love the color, love everything!! I was eyeing on those similar booties in F21 but luckily, found these babies in Wade in a much lesser price. Thanks Mama, for the shoes!

Third up is that cool military blazer that my brother gave . I reminded him to go to WAGW and find me a cute blazer. Good thing he has great taste! 

These are all just icing on the cake friends! We have our families to celebrate Christmas with, plus their gifts make it even MERRIER! HOHOHOHO!!!^_^

The Most wonderful Time of the Year!

Our Christmas tree with red as our motiff
While waiting for 12 midnight
Gifts around the Christmas tree
Our Noche Buena! With the traditional ham on the center
Sweet treat! Red velvet cake with chocolate balls and red wine. cheers!
Family picture
Merry Christmas!!!
Time to eat!
Exchanging gifts na! My baby surrounded by her presents
Sam and Nana!:)
New toys and clothes!!:)
With Uncle Jc
My gift from Mom
Find my gift! hahaha
My gorgeous Mama in pink
Hubby & Me.<3
Love the get up!;p
My sleeping Santa girl! Tired from the celebration.:)

Maybe you already have an idea of how our Christmas Eve went by just by looking at my pictures.haha! Simply, one of my most memorable Christmas to date. First time together with my daughter and husband! As everyone is quoting this line "The best presents are not the material things but the gift of family wrapped in each other's arms". True indeed!
Earlier during the 24th, we headed to the mall for (again) last minute Christmas shopping! I'm seriously going to make this number one on my resolution list: No more Cramming during the Holidays! LOL
My brother just got home from Manila and my Mom just had her vacation leave so we decided to buy gifts together. It was 4 hours of torture to the feet, going around the mall finding the best gift we could find. Hooo! Luckily got to finish everything and went home to prepare for noche buena. By the way, I'm so proud of myself of making the most delicious macaroni salad in the whole world! Well,according to Mom. It's a start for me. I'm not really gifted when it comes to cooking but now that I'm a family woman, I better get serious and be friends with the kitchen. Hmm, that would probably be number two on my NY resolution!:p
Came midnight, we greeted each other with hugs and kisses, plus lots of picture taking! We had thanksgiving of all the blessings we received this year and prayed for more in the coming years. Seeing my baby's smile together with us is really priceless. She also turned 10 months old last December 23 and I gotta say I'm the luckiest of all! This year I had my husband and baby as an addition to my family and since then, I've had more meaning in my life than I ever had before. Nothing could ever compare to the feeling of love and happiness our families bring. Hope you guys had a great time as well. 

Happy Holidays and Happy birthday Jesus!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Outfit

Tube: Sands | Wide leg pants: Filippo | Necklace: Aldo

This is what I wore for our Noche Buena to welcome the birth of our Savior. I haven't had any time to prepare on what would be my get up since most of it was spent on gift buying. I didn't go with the traditional Red+Green look but went instead with one of my favorite ensemble of colors Black+Blue. Just a simple tube top paired with this awesome pants I got for a very low low price (less than 500php)!and  I finally wore this cute silver ribbon necklace that my Mom bought for me from Aldo.

More pictures of our Christmas eve celebration on my next post.

Happy Holidays!!!