Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas gifts / Partial Wishlist granted!

Presents from Papa
A dress, top and leggings all from Guess. Thank you, Daddylo!

Military blazer from What A Girl Wants given by my brother. Thanks JC!
Velvet Ankle booties from Wade. Thanks Mama!!!
My baby's presents! A Minni Mouse toy, Vtech Laptop, Puzzle pieces, and lots of clothes!
A Merry Merry Christmas to me!!!:)
If you've read my recent post about My Christmas Wishlist 2011, then you probably know why I entitled this Partial wishlist granted!hehe.. First up, the iPad I got from my Papa. I was actually asking for the iPhone 4 or maybe upgrade to iPhone 4s but its better with this than nothing. I'm a Self-confessed loser when it comes to techy stuff. Hope you guys can give me reviews about the iPad. Still, loving this unexpected gift and I know this will really come handy if I'll just explore.

Next are those booties!! Love the texture,love the color, love everything!! I was eyeing on those similar booties in F21 but luckily, found these babies in Wade in a much lesser price. Thanks Mama, for the shoes!

Third up is that cool military blazer that my brother gave . I reminded him to go to WAGW and find me a cute blazer. Good thing he has great taste! 

These are all just icing on the cake friends! We have our families to celebrate Christmas with, plus their gifts make it even MERRIER! HOHOHOHO!!!^_^


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