Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stay Strong

Necklace from Jhajing
Sheer top: The Closet Goddess | Shorts: Thrifted | Heels: Charles&Keith

Hello guys! Guess where I'm making this blog as of the moment? Sad to say we're at the hospital right now because my baby got admitted last Monday due to cough for almost 2 weeks now and on/off fever. Things got even worse coz her diagnosis is Pneumonia. Suddenly all the burden of the world came to my shoulders that day. I felt like I wasn't doing my responsibilities to her and ended up being sick. I gathered all my guts and strength to be strong because Sam needs me more than anyone. I'm thankful also for having someone so responsible like my husband who is always there to support me,despite him being a bit of a joker (irritates me sometimes.haha). The doctor says she's doing well and hopefully by tomorrow we can go home. Sam is such a little fighter, she's still so alive and active amidst her being sick. 
This is a wake up call for me. I know deep in my heart I have been the best for Sam, but now I need to double,triple, extend more my effort and strategies so that I will be able to raise a healthy, intelligent, active, and beautiful daughter.



  1. aww, I hope she gets better soon

  2. Nice necklase!
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