Friday, June 29, 2012

Goodies from Flatterbuy

If you remember this blog post about some goodies I won from Flatterbuy, well, they're finally here! As soon as I arrived from work, saw a package and I knew its the prizes! Happy me!! Thanks again to Ms. Jac of Flatterbuy for the prizes. Will use and blog about them very soon!!:)

Topshop and Dorothy Perkins 50% SALE!

Another round of mid-year season sales from 2 of the best clothing line there is!!!

Topshop at the Lower level of Ayala Center Cebu. From June 29-July 29,2012. A month long 50% off on selected items. You wouldn't wanna miss those pretty clothes you've been wanting to have at lesser prices! Go!:)

Dorothy Perkins in Abreeza Mall Davao also offers 50% off on selected items!

Visit these stores now!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Top: Penshoppe | Leggings: Janxyra | Satchel bag: Parisian | Shoes: PARFOIS

My favorite outfit post so far! I am so in love with neons and pastels right now. I want to buy everything neon/pastel! lol. My photographer/ mom told me the outfit was a bit off and too bright. (She critics me in all my ideas slash mentor), and I told her " That's the point!". I dared myself to wear this and I was actually happy with the outcome. I think the colors just blended well. With the leggings and satchel, I chose a simple top with colors to match, then paired the whole look with black heels. 
I wore this to a dinner out/ reunion with my best friends! We keep telling ourselves that we are now professionals but when we are in each others' company, we turn back to the old us. The carefree and fun loving people that we are! I guess things will always be the same when you are with the people you grew up with. :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Oasap Super Giveaway!

One of online's leading store OASAP is having a Super Giveaway wherein they're giving away 152 items! You can be the lucky winner with 1 of these items! Simply follow these steps:

1.Sign in your account on No account yet? Register to get a 20% off coupon code.
2. Go to their giveaway page.
3. Choose among the lovely dresses. Choose a size and then vote, so that we know the size you need if you win. Click on the product image to see size details.
4. One account may have at most 3 entries; that is to say, you can vote a maximum of 3 items.
5. Winner(s) will be selected at random and contacted through the email(s) that used to register account(s) on

Contest will end July 10th! Anyone can join so sign up now!:)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Just My Luck

When it comes to games and contests, I am not one who gets lucky always. Except for school or any other affairs, I sometimes take home the prize. But with contests that just rely on luck, like stakes or draws, even blog giveaways, my name isn't that lucky!haha. I dream too that one day I win the national lottery!
Just a few days ago, I joined flatterbuy's Summer Isn't Over contest with just easy mechanics of guessing where is their next destination with a hint " City of Love and Lights". Of course, Paris!:)
I was so happy when their owner pmed me that I won! woooohooooo!! First time I won something over online giveaways! And the prizes are too beautiful to stare at!:)
I am very much excited to get my hands on all of these! Can't wait to blog and use them! Thanks again FLATTERBUY!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 Top: Say's Shoppe | Pants: Mango | Bag: Closet Chic | Shoes: PARFOIS

 My work outfit for today after a very well spent holiday! So I have mentioned on my previous post about my little shopping agenda which led me to finally buy the shoes I've been lusting on since March.haha. I've seen this style on many international bloggers, most brands are Steve Madden and Marc Jacobs, and it really caught my eye since it has a very classic touch. Peep toe, Ankle straps, chunky, velvet, and its black. When I saw the same styled shoes at Parfois, I got really excited! I promised myself this will be my reward after a few pay days.hahaha (talk about being not impulsive anymore. Yes, I am now 
I paired it with my red Mango jeans and used neutral colors with my top and bag. I am not one who accessorizes too much because I want to keep my look simple but stylish. Pardon me for the not so decent picture of the shoes, I assure you this will have a lot of exposure on my future posts.haha! :)
Crashed this out on my wishlist! Finally! Photo from Instagram

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apple Green

Blazer: Mom | Inner: Forever21 | Pants: Lucky brand | Sandals: Primadonna

Apple for Red, Green for Neon. haha. I know this isn't  the best location to do outfit shots (hello rugs and hinayhays) but I just made use of the space to get one. Finally crashed out 3 on my wishlist since I got my job. Hoooraaay!! They will be revealed on my next posts.*wink
Spent the holiday slash Independence Day at the mall and caught up with a friend from college, Krystel (hi, Tel! I sooo miss college years, especially my friends and classmates plus the duty experience. Seeing old pictures of us in duty uniforms and our famous pink+gray school uniform sure put a big smile on my face. It was 4 years of friendship, fun, hard work, determination, patience, excitement and pure madness!haha. Seriously, I had a lot of experiences worth remembering, may it be the good, the bad, or the ugly.:p

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Got nothing much going on this past week. A short hiatus from blogging won't hurt.hehe
I also started loving Instagram since its been available on Android. On the sidebar is my badge, follow me?:)

Here is a picture of my retail therapy for this week:
Ukay find Floral chiffon top, Collared top, Knitted blouse dress, mint shorts, Aztec dress

Next on my wishlist are those adorable velvet chunky heels from Parfois!!! I can't wait.haha:)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Boho Rock

Jacket: Fish18 | Dress: Fashion Bar (MAZE) | Necklace: South Shores

I love my job!haha. I am temporarily out of the white uniform and into the dress up kind of environment. Lol.
The weather has been in transition since the last week of May, maybe because its rainy season once again. I don't want to say goodbye to summer clothes yet so I wore this cute maxi dress and paired it with a denim-ish jacket. This is such a carefree look,don't you think?:)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Life's too short to even care at All

I first heard this song from an episode of Glee performed by Blaine, and it was about Dave being bullied coz he was gay so he attempted suicide. I was just moved by it. 
If you listen to the lyrics, you'll know what the message is.
I'm having some sound tripping in Youtube this Saturday morning.hehe
Enjoying my day off.^_^