Monday, April 30, 2012

Vertical Horizon Concert in Cebu!

"So you sailed away,into a grey sky morning. Now I'm here to stay,Love can be so boring.."
"Coz you're a God and I am not, I just thought that you would know.."
" He's everything you want, he's everything you need. He's everything inside of you that you wish you could be"

Just a few lines of my fave songs of all time from Vertical Horizon. I remember I was still in grade 6 (12 years old) that I heard them and became an instant fan. I have been a lover of alternative music. My friends would even make fun of me like calling me "tomboy ka?(lesbian)" just because of my music preference. I dig rock songs, indie songs, but not loud music. Hearing them live was really nostalgia to the highest level! It was like a flashback of memories and experiences while growing up.haha(drama). But seriously, I had a bit of a crying moment while watching them. I had a great time with my brother coz he's also into bands, and he has a "band" as well.haha. Shoutout to my Mom for paying for our tickets! Love you!!!

Their first album.haha. A 12 year old cassette tape!

They said they will be coming back to Cebu,maybe 5 years from now. WOOOOOOT!

Grey Sky Morning

 Nude pink lips to match my clutch
Top: Forever21 | Pants: Freego | Clutch: Softcore | Boots: Wade

Another take on the sheer trend. I love how this look can be sexy and girly at the same time. Wear it with skirt or shorts for the lady look, then wear it with leggings or jeans for the edgier look. One thing to remember is when you wear sheer blouses, take into consideration your intimates. Wear bras that are not too revealing. To be safe, wear nude or black bras and tube tops. 

I wore this to the Vertical Horizon concert yesterday at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu. One word: NOSTALGIA! The first time I heard their song which was "Everything You Want", I became a fan. Found my first record of them too, which was a cassette tape!haha. I never thought that after 12 years, I would be able to watch them live and I must say,they are 10x better live! 
More pictures from the concert on my next post.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stay Strong

Necklace from Jhajing
Sheer top: The Closet Goddess | Shorts: Thrifted | Heels: Charles&Keith

Hello guys! Guess where I'm making this blog as of the moment? Sad to say we're at the hospital right now because my baby got admitted last Monday due to cough for almost 2 weeks now and on/off fever. Things got even worse coz her diagnosis is Pneumonia. Suddenly all the burden of the world came to my shoulders that day. I felt like I wasn't doing my responsibilities to her and ended up being sick. I gathered all my guts and strength to be strong because Sam needs me more than anyone. I'm thankful also for having someone so responsible like my husband who is always there to support me,despite him being a bit of a joker (irritates me sometimes.haha). The doctor says she's doing well and hopefully by tomorrow we can go home. Sam is such a little fighter, she's still so alive and active amidst her being sick. 
This is a wake up call for me. I know deep in my heart I have been the best for Sam, but now I need to double,triple, extend more my effort and strategies so that I will be able to raise a healthy, intelligent, active, and beautiful daughter.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunny Side Up

Swimwear from South Shores

Day 2 of our 2-day Getaway and the sun is shining so brightly! Since it's our last day, decided to wear a two-piece to and get a tan. Who cares about stretchmarks anyway??
Never felt more confident about myself ever since I had my little girl and married to a good hearted and fine man. I never cared anymore about what other people think of me. I threw all the negativity of the past and looked forward to a better future. I know there will always be backstabbers, people who just hate your every move, or plainly just don't like you, but they are just People. A hundred or more loves me and that's the only important thing. (Where's all this drama coming from?haha)
Anyway, I had a wonderful time with my family. Hope you guys enjoy summer with your loved ones too!:)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blue Crush

Notice the silver accent? That caught my eye right away!
Goodbye plunging neckline and Hello plunging backline!

Suit from Cococobana

And I'm not talking about Kate Bosworth's movie.. although I loved it and the killer surfer chick moves. 
This swimsuit has got to be my favorite among the ones I have. I was really having difficulties in finding pieces that would hide my stretchmarks.(yes, they stay with you forever) but at the same time look sexy.haha. This piece I consider timeless. Remember those Baywatch babes wearing swimsuits to save people, I had a bit of a feeling like I'm one of them.haha kiddin!
Also, notice how the fit accentuates my curves? I don't have to worry about body fats too! I can move freely not thinking of my boobies are peeking.haha
I'm probably gonna use this again, not on the beach but maybe pairing it with some skirt or pants?:)


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Edgy Summer

Braid crazy.hehe

In love with every detail of this shorts!


Graphic top: Freeway | Shorts: DTS Shorts | Hat: Metro | Bag: Splash | Rope bracelet: Accessorize

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt and wear light clothing. I was ecstatic with our 2-day getaway so its the perfect time to wear those super edgy shorts and a comfy,loose graphic top. I wore my swimsuit underneath coz I was soooo ready to hit the beach! Braids for your hair is also another summer look to try. Make it loose and a little bit undone to make it cuter and sweeter. Lastly for my nails, I had it done hours before our trip. Who did it? Me of course.haha. Again, didn't have time to go to the salon so I just bought the polish. Don't you just love the pastel color? It's so refreshing plus its the current trend.
Try experimenting with colors and prints. You'll never know what suits you unless you try.:)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Packing for: 2-day Getaway

I'll be honest guys. This is already a post-getaway Post. I haven't had any time to log in to my computer and blog about the clothes I've prepared for our 2 day getaway. So here goes: I'M BACK!!!!!haha

To officially welcome summer, we decided to check in at the prestigious 5 star Shangrila Hotel and Resort here in Mactan, Cebu plus celebrated my mother-in-laws birthday. FYI, my husband works as a Service Associate there and he's assigned in the fitness and spa center. Thanks to him we were able to get a very very big discount for our stay. :) Anyway, here are the stuff that I packed for me and Sam.

For Sam: 2 sets of swimsuits, sun hat, shades, smock dress, yellow set
For me: Boater hat, studded shorts, cover up, 2 piece, one piece, romper, maxi dress, shades and pastel nail color

Coming up, outfit shots and some bikini shots!!! 
My whole body is sooo tanned already! Got to love summer at its best!<3