Monday, May 28, 2012


My smile is authentic. Why? Because I acknowledge pain and defeat. I cry because I was hurt. I fought against sadness. And now I have a lot of reasons behind that curve on my face.(Current Facebook P.P)

Polo: Essenxa | Shorts: Surplus Shop | Bag: Accessorize | Gladiators: Chelsea

I love rummaging through my Mom's old clothes coz its where I can find my "New" clothes, just like the top I am wearing.haha. Life lately has been so good to me. Just yesterday, I received my *drum roll please* first salary! Imagine, 3 years after graduating college, I now have a real I was so happy to take it, even if its not that big. It's the thought that counts,right? So I bough me-self a good ol' chocolate cake!haha. It's also sort of my treat to my family. 
No one really knows the real measure of true happiness. In my case, real happiness means surviving the worst of the worst and finding every reason to smile after everything that has happened. I got to see things now in a much brighter perspective. 
Sharing some love and smiles to all of you!!!:)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Better Light

Neon tank top: Forever21 | Pants: Shop Nude Clothing | Bracelet: Adore

Attended a wedding of my husband's cousin at Casino Espanol here in Cebu. I didn't know what's the motif of the wedding until we came to the place and it was tangerine and orange.haha. That's what you call intuition and dressing up for the occasion. 
Everyone knows neon is one of the trends now and I never imagined I would fall in love with this trend. In my case, I have dark skin so its really a no-no to wear neons and dark orange but when I came up with my outfit, I was so satisfied with the result! In a sea of beige, grey and pink, I stood out! Now, I'm on a hunt for more neon clothes, particularly neon light green!
Bummer because I only took pictures indoor plus with bad lighting. I'm itching to have this outfit taken again with better light outdoor.

Instagram pic

Friday, May 25, 2012


Fall in love with the captivating charm of one of the Jonas Brothers who makes it happen as Ayala Malls not just bring in talents from beauty and fashion but also in music.

Ayala Malls Style Origin, together with Tiger 22 and The Philippine Star, bring you Joe Jonas at the Ayala Center Cebu on May 27, 3pm at the Activity Center. Hang out with the pop star for a candid, MTV-style interview as Joe Jonas talks about music and being a style icon. Get synced with the fast life and listen to the soundtrack of Joe Jonas as he performs his famous guitar riffs and solo hits such as “See No More, "FastLife," and, ”Just In Time. His new album, and the videos for its first two singles, are a clear stab at breaking Joe from the teen-idol mold and out into the mainstream.

Joe Jonas’ first album's lead single, "See No More," was released in June 2011 and earned rave reviews from both Billboard and Entertainment Weekly.  People Magazine recently included the song in their Hot Singles list and was also just nominated for a Teen Choice award while the video for the song has racked up nearly 5 million views on YouTube and VEVO.  He made his U.S. television debut as a solo artist on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."  Joe Jonas’ setting out on his own underscored the diversity of his talents and vocal ability.

Now 22, Joe Jonas was part of the multiplatinum selling award winning band the Jonas Brothers, sold over 8 million albums worldwide, performed to sold-out stadiums and arenas across three continents with artists such as Jay Sean and Britney Spears, and was on the cover of Details Magazine, Paper Magazine’s Summer Music Issue and featured in Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone. In addition to creating timeless hits and performing in front of sold-out audiences all over the world, Joe is actively involved with both the Special Olympics and his own charity, Change For The Children. For eager Jonas Brothers fans who are excited about Joe Jonas’ trek down the solo path, this singing sensation will definitely give inspiration to Ayala Malls Style Origins this month.

Through Style Origin, join the festivities, be immersed in the experience, and walk away fulfilled and with a deeper appreciation for fashion, lifestyle and music. Catch Joe Jonas' Philippine Mall tour this May 27 as the singer will be signing off CDS and autographs after the show. Catch this exciting event and more only at Cebu’s premiere shopping, dining and entertainment destination, Ayala Center Cebu.

Details are as follows:

1) To get one (1) entry pass for the “Joe Jonas Live!” Event, present any of the following:

-          minimum P 700 single purchase receipt (bill payment receipts are excluded) dated May 22 to May 27, 2012 from any Ayala Center Cebu outlets
-          minimum P 2,000 single purchase receipt from the supermarket dated May 22 to May 27, 2012
2) There shall be 600 seats reserved for shoppers and only the first 300 shoppers to register will be given an entry pass.

3) Each entry pass entitles the bearer to bring one companion.

4) The first twenty-five (25) A-Card members and first twenty-five (25) VIPInoy Card Holders to present Membership cards/ID at the Privileges Desk get a free entry pass for free.

5) The first thirty (30) shoppers/A-Card/VIPinoy Members to register will get an extra pass to permit him/her to join the Meet & Greet session after the show. There will be an official photographer to take the pictures.

6) Registration period will be from May 22 to May 27, 2012or until the last pass is redeemed, whichever date comes first.

7) Registration will be at the Privileges Desk located at the First Level (between Naturalizer and Watchworks) and will be open from Mondays to Sundays, 11AM to 7PM only.

8) The promo personnel has the right to verify the authenticity of the receipt and shall, likewise, have  the authority to deny transactions deemed fraudulent or dubious (i.e. tampered/reprinted receipts).

9) During the Meet and Greet session, shoppers should present the Meet & Greet Pass prior to meeting the cast. Ayala Center Cebu shall have the right to validate the schedule and specimen signature indicated on the pass.

10) Reserved seats will be forfeited 5 minutes before the show starts and the gates will then be opened to the public until the last seat is filled up.

For more information, contact Ayala Center Cebu Concierge at (032) 516-2035 or (032) 231-5342. You can also visit their or “like” the official Ayala Center Cebu on facebook ( for more details on upcoming shows and events.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pink Wednesdays

Cardigan: Mango |  Shorts: Topshop | Necklace: Colorstones

If Nicki Minaj has Pink Fridays, I have Pink Wednesdays. Lol.haha 
This is just a quick post before I leave for work in about 30 minutes. I'm loving this new found "career". I never thought teaching would be fun, especially with Korean students. So normally we have a uniform for school but Wednesdays would always be dress up or dress down days and this is what I wore for my first week. I'll try to update every now and then my outfit post. haha
Have a great day ahead!

P.S. Its the American Idol finale. Who are you rooting for? Honestly my vote goes to Philip Phillips!hehe


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day Photodiary

A few snaps of our Mother's day Celebration last Sunday.
Before I start with the pictures, I just want to say I'll be starting work tomorrow as an ESL teacher. Yep, I grabbed it since the offer from the hotel was a bit unsure. I'm excited with this new kind of environment, not the usual hospital scene.haha. So you may call me Teacher Salvee from now on.:)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A little cafe called Cafe Caw

I stumbled upon this food blog site by my college batchmate Phoebe (who also owns a cupcake business here in Cebu), and read her post about this new sweets and coffee shop called Cafe Caw which opened just last April 25,2012. I always have a thing for small, intimate food corners that are adorned by personalized stuff it makes you think you're in your own room. So I checked it out myself.

Sorry for the not so decent picture.haha. You may already guess the landmark? It's along Banilad road going to USC-TC, just across Bright Academy.
Cute window with some flowers on pots
Dining tables outside. Everything in pastel!
Love every color of this table! Its so updated with the trend.haha
Inside. Reminds me of nursery school!haha
Food counter
This is what I'm after. CUPCAKES and SWEETS!!!:)
MENU ( They serve hot and cold drinks, cupcakes, cookies, light snacks, pasta meals.Just home style freshly baked desserts and comfort food! Budget would cost between 40-250 php.)
Their Red Velvet! Yummy and its served cold! I just want to share that every time I check out pastry or snack shops and they serve red velvet, it would always be the red velvet that I would order. Then I rank each red velvet I tasted!haha.. So far I've tasted 4 different versions and this would be the 5th. In ranking, I would probably put it in the 2nd spot!:)
I just had to take a picture of my yellow nails with their mint table as a background!haha

You're definitely in for some SWEET TIME!:)

Check out Cafe Caw's facebook page for more details and updates!:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This has got to be my most "no effort", non-blogger outfit so far. I had a couple of things done today and I gotta say I'm in for some action now! I guess my outfit/ post title represented my life lately. Read on.

Floral cover up: Forever21 | Inner: Topshop | Pants: Maldita

So back to what's going on with my life lately, I just got hired as an ESL teacher in a school near our place. I'm on my 2nd day of training still because there are no available students or no Koreans have arrived yet. So basically, I allot 2 hours of my time watching other teachers in their class, do some writing and speaking drills. To be honest, this was the least of my priority. I was always focused on being a nurse so I became unemployed for exactly 1 year and 6 months now. I became a full time mother until just recently when I felt like I'm becoming useless. I know being a Mom is a pretty tiring thing but I had my own setbacks, mental setbacks to be exact. I then realized I'm not born to be a plain housewife, or maybe for now that is. I realized I can function better as a wife and as a mom if I'm working. My husband fully supports me with this because he also wants me to achieve my goals. So I got back to applying at hospitals BUT got no luck so I got discouraged.  I stopped applying around March and just waited and waited for any call from the hospital. At this very moment no hospital called yet. Since I spend a lot of time on the net, I tried my luck and started  passing resumes in wherein most jobs posted are for call centers or ESL. Then I got the call from the company and so now I'm on my second day of training. 
I got used to driving my own car ever since college. Don't call me spoiled or anything because my parents just provided me with useful stuff, so I can say I had a pretty Chill life back then. Now, I had to let go of those stuff because keeping a family isn't always gonna be easy. If I want to save money, I need to let some of my comfort go. So I started commuting. Thank God my workplace is just 20-30 minutes away with traffic. 
Then just yesterday, another job opportunity called. It was a job as front office staff in a hotel here in Cebu. Well, when it rains it pours! There was a time when I had no feedback at all, and now they all kept coming in. Just perfect timing..grrr. Now I'm torn between this ESL job and working in a Hotel. Haay!! I'm not complaining Lord. Please guide me with the decisions I will make/
So I just wanted to express that everything isn't achieved easily. Not all of us are born with riches and gold so we got to work hard for it. I'm thankful now that I got a job, although my heart is still on working as a nurse because I now I will have a stable future with it. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY Tassel necklace

I was inspired by other fashion bloggers with their DIY clothes and accessories and got me to do my own DIY. I wanted to get tassel necklaces from online shops for quite a some time now but shipping fees make me think twice about my purchase. (kuripot?haha) Unless I want to buy clothes but with accessories I had to think over and over again. Just last Saturday, I finally got the urge to DIY and I was happy about the outcome. I went to a local fabric& craft shop and bought these: 

Tassels , Half meter gold chain, necklace lock, rings (all just cost me between 100-150 php)

1. Arrange the tassels on how you want it to look. I didn't buy enough since its just a trial so I arranged them with spaces.

2. Insert the rings on top of the tassel. The rings serve as the pieces that will attach the tassel to the chain.

3. Attach the tassels to the chain. I didn't have any tool to help me in attaching so imagine my patience.haha.

4. Attach the lock at one end of the chain

5. My finished products! Had one in mint colors

And to top it all of, I just made these babies in less than 30 minutes. I'm proud of myself!haha